Presedintii Conferintei
Prof. Dr. Imre Benedek
Prof. Dr. Imre Benedek
Președintele congresului

Professor of Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology and Internal Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tirgu Mures, Romania
Founder of the Clinic of Cardiology, County Clinical Emergency Hospital Tirgu Mures
President of the working group of transborder hungarian cardiologists, Hungarian Society of Cardiology
Editor in chief Journal of Cardiovascular Emergencies
Principal Investigator in over 30 clinical studies
Project director in 11 grants funded by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences
Award of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences for excellence in research – 2007
Member in the PhD School Council, UMF Tg.Mureș
Accreditation in Interventional Cardiology, echocardiography, electrophysiology and pacing
Patent of transvascular pulmonary puncture-biopsy – method and device
Founder of the first Romanian Network of acute myocardial infarction

Prof. Dr. Béla Merkely
Prof. Dr. Béla Merkely
Presedinte de onoare - Semmelweis University, Budapest , Hungary

Vice President of European Society of Cardiology (since 2016)
Chairman – Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Center (since 2012)
Head of the Laboratory of Hemodynamics – Saint George Hospital of the County of Fejér, Hungary (since 2013)
Vice Rectorial Counsellor – Semmelweis University (since 2013)
Professor – Pázmány Péter Catholic University (since 2013)
Member of the Cardiology Section of Professional College (since 2011)
President of the Cardiology Council of Professional College (since 2011)
Professor of Medicine – Semmelweis University (since 2008)
Director – Semmelweis University Heart Center (since 2007)

Prof. Dr. Dragos Vinereanu
Prof. Dr. Dragos Vinereanu
Presedintele Societatii Romane de Cardiologie

Presedintele Societatii Romane de Cardiologie

Prof. Dr. Theodora Benedek
Prof. Dr. Theodora Benedek
Copreședinte - Universitatea de Medicinăși Farmacie Tîrgu Mureș

Theodora Benedek, MD, PhD, Habil, FESC

Theodora Benedek is professor of cardiology and internal medicine in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Tirgu Mures, Romania. She is the Director of the Department of Internal Medicine in this university, head of the Clinic of Cardiology and President of the Committee for Scientific Research of the Senate University. Since 2008, she works at the European Commission as external expert and reviewer for FP7 and Horizon 2020 programs, serving since 2015 as Vice Chair of the Life Sciences panel in the Marie Curie fellowships program. She published more than 200 articles in extenso in peer-reviewed journals and 7 books and book chapters. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal indexed in 8 international databases, and her editorial activity includes also the position of Managing Editor in one Thomson Reuters indexed journal (The Journal of Critical Care Medicine) and in several peer-reviewed journals (Journal of Cardiovascular Emergencies, Acta Medica Marisiensis). Prof. Benedek is member in the steering committee and coordinator of all Eastern-European centers in the Discharge trial, financed by the European Commission within FP7 program, and has participated in 10 research grants financed by the Romanian Ministry of Research and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences and in more than 30 clinical trials in the field of cardiology. At the same time, Prof. Benedek created and coordinates the Center of Advanced Research in Multimodal Cardiac Imaging in the Cardio Med Medical Center, Romania. The main fields of her research interests are related to cardiac imaging, CT assessment of coronary artery diseases, stem cell therapy in cardiovascular diseases, heart failure and acute cardiac care.

Prof. Dr. Tóth Kálmán
Prof. Dr. Tóth Kálmán
Copreședinte - University of Pécs, Hungary, President of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology

He graduated at the Medical University of Pecs, Hungary in 1983, and has been a medical doctor in various positions since then in the Department of Intensive Care and also in the 1st Department of Medicine, at the University of Pecs. At present he is a full Professor and Chair of 1st Department of Medicine, and a specialist in internal medicine, cardiology and anesthesia and intensive care. He worked as a research scholar at the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, between 1990-91 and as a visiting assistant professor at the Division of Cardiology, University of Toronto, Canada in 1993. The main areas of his scientific work are hemorheology and experimental cardiology. In these fields he received C.Sc. (Ph.D.) degree in 1992. In 2003 he became a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Sc.D.). Since 1996 he has been directing a Ph.D. program, 27 colleagues have received their Ph.D. degree in his program so far. He is a member of several national and international organizations, out of which it must be highlighted that he is the founder and since 1993 also the board member of the Hungarian Society of Hemorheology, having been its president between 2000-2006. Since 1993 he is the Member of the Advisory Board of the International Society for Clinical Hemorheology having been its president between 1995–1999. Since 1994 he is the Member of the Advisory Board of the European Society of Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation and also its Vice-President since 2013. He is the President of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology. Between 1998-2002 he received Szechenyi Professor Scholarship. In recognition of his outstanding scientific networking activities he was awarded the Organizational Science Award from PAB (Regional Committee in Pecs, Hungarian Academy of Sciences). In 2015 he received the Oguz K. Baskurt Hemorheology Award from the International Society for Clinical Hemorheology for his major contributions to clinical hemorheology. He is the member of the editorial boards of several national and international scientific journals. He is the leader of graduate and postgraduate training in both cardiology and internal medicine at the University of Pecs. He was the Vice-Dean for Scientific Affairs at the University of Pecs, Medical School, Hungary between 2004-2006 and between 2006-2008 Vice-President of the Medical Center, between 2009-2010 the Rector’s Representative, between 2010-2012 the Rector’s Chief Adviser. He is the Chief Medical Manager of Social Infrastructure Operative Programme (TIOP) and since 2014 also the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovational Affairs. He is the author of 216 peer reviewed papers with a cumulative impact factor of 228,912 and citations of 2388.

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